Moving that into the body did work, thank you soo much.  :D

Yes sir,

It works when your navigate directly to .swf file. So what should I do to ensure linux can view it?

miker wrote:

I'm running Linux and your gallery is running fine, are you sure you have installed flash?

Ya, Did a sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree, flash works fine for YouTube but still not working for the gallery. I think it has something to do with the Java script being outdated.

I just installed Ubuntu and when I tried to view my gallery in Fire Fox it is just a blank scree except for the "click here to return to home page".

My wife is running in windows vista, Fire Fox, but her's is working just fine. Another friend from Michigan says he can't see it and he is using Firefox. Called my grand mother in texas and asked her is she could view it in firefox and she says it is working just fine. So im a bit confused as to 2 out of 4 can't view.

I am running the site off my home server computer. any ideas?

Site here


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Thank you Mike,

That cleared things right up. Really funny that small thing can make a huge difference. So, now when I add pictures in that folder they will show up in the gallery? Thanks again for the quick response.



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I keep getting this error, "Cannot Phase Gallery XML" while trying to get this gallery to work on my web site here
I have a web server here at home and i am trying to get this running off it, i don't want to use flickr or any other outside server for the images.

the web browser says

XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Line Number 35, Column 13:flickrTags=""