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I am using photoshop to create my gallery and it still will not let me upload more than 50 photos. I had not realized this as the most images the galleries I have made thus far had  were 49. I am using CS4 on a Mac and Standard v2.

I would like to have  links on my main web page to several galleries of different topics and would like to use simpleviewer_203 and Photoshop Cs4.
How do I produce multiple galleries within the simpleviewer/web folder?


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I am also having the problem.

Erro 8000: Cannot open the file because the open options are incorrect

Line 841
->                             open( fileList );

I just completed creating 4 other galleries successfully. I have restarted and reinstalled and restarted again.
I am using MacOS 10 Snow Leopard

Thank you for any help anyone may offer.

I am running simpleviewer_203 and the SimpleViewer_v2 in CS4