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Thanks for the quick responce.

Our company isn't that interested in purchasing the source code per say, it is more interested in purchasing a version with the above modification (as even with the source, there's no gurantee we'd be able to modify it correctly).

Is there anybody that we could contract to do it? If so, how do I get in contact with them?



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Are there any versions that _do_ include the source...?


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Hi everyone,

I've recently done some searches on the forums and there's been a few requests, like this one, for a link to an external website on the front of thumbnails instead of the flip functionality.

Apparently it's not possible.

Has anyone edited the source code to achieve this? How hard can it be...?

Can an action like this be attached to the containing movie clip or some such?

on (release) {
  getURL(dynamic_var, '_blank');

Thanks in advance,