I am using svManager version 1.6.6, build 100420. Target is to enable a client to setup galleries with svManager and then include them in wordpress pages. I have found the tutorial about wordpress and svManager, yet I am having problems:

My version of svManager doesn't have

define('PATH_SCHEME', '');

in constants.php, but it's admin screen offers a field for

path from web root

. Thought that'll do, but it doesn't. When adding a new SV gallery, it's automatically named g1, g2 and so forth. I then try to change the relative path into an absolute one and rename the gallery folder, according to the manual (advanced).

Relative path, originally from svManager:


Absolute path as I would like it to be:


I also tried:


After changing the path to the absolute version I am getting this error message:

Notice: unable to move g1 to ../http:/www.clientspace.com/svmanager/g1


Rights on folders and files on the server are set on 777, thus this shouldn't cause the problem. I do add the trailing slash too, so this isn't the cause either. What else is there I should check and fix? Since the error message adds a leading


to the URL, I wonder where this comes from and whether it might be the problem's cause.

Thanks in advance for help,


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Hi Jack,

I currently useversion 1.6.6, build 100420.


I am quite annoyed. I have put online some galleries, and the seem to work. Next day the one or the other isn't working (xml file is corrupted according to svmanager). Checking the gallery.xml it is indeed a particulary short version with a lot missing, particulary the advanced configs and the images' xml data.
What the heck? The server is plain usual, apache etc. Any other script always works without problems. So, why are my gallery.xml files tend to get corrupted? URL is http://www.rot65.de/fotografie/


EDIT: As BackButtonTitle I used to use "< Index". Regulary, the string < is changed by the script into a remaining &. Maybe that's the reason for the aforehead described problem. Yet, I think the script should be able to parse simple html entities.