I have done something similar to what you want to do. I did mine in php.

OK so we have a structure kinda like this:

--galleryone (d)
---index.php (f)
---images     (d)
---thumbs     (d)
--gallerytwo (d)
---index.php (f)
---images     (d)
---thumbs     (d)
--gallery...n (d)
---index.php (f)
---images     (d)
---thumbs     (d)

That's pretty much what I have done, minus the php (I think). I've not worked with php... ever, haha. Thats a pretty nice concept you've got there, and the central editing sounds like a great idea. Maybe I'll look back at this sometime when I've done a bit of playing with php.

The main difference with mine I guess is the fact that I used _blanks to separate the galleries, but I think it turned out pretty well.


This is the site im working on:


If you click on Healthcare it has a working example of what I'm trying to accomplish.

I have a site that will have multiple gallery sections, each being a different type of job. The plan is for each grouping of jobs to open in a _blank window which will then list links to galleries of individual jobs. Each time the user clicks a gallery, a SV instance should open in another _blank.

Is there any way I can have each gallery access the same .swf (because it will be the same setup for each gallery) so that I don't have to upload tons of .swfs?

So far I have it set up similar to what is posted in FAQ #16 which I think will work (its hard to test because all the images have not been chosen yet), but if someone has an idea of how to set this up more efficiently I am open to suggestions.

In the FAQs it says that simpleviewer can load not only jpegs, but .swfs as well. So based on that I would assume you could do that. Though if you loaded 50-75 other swfs, it might slow down simpleviewer significantly . I have a sort of similar situation (though not as high-volume) and I think I am just going to have an html page with thumbs to separate instances of simpleviewer to break it up a little more.

one way to do it would be to add a hyperlink to the caption. if you are ok with doing that check out number 13 of the FAQs

http://www.airtightinteractive.com/simp … r/faq.html


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hey 1976, great line of code there, thanks for that. in the imageArea file is there a place to add text to the bottom of the image that would say "click for full size" or something like that?

<edit> i also just noticed that doing that disables the back and forward buttons on the image itself, is there a simple way around that?



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check the FAQs, number 13 should answer your question

http://www.airtightinteractive.com/simp … r/faq.html

ive done it, works just fine. good luck


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also make sure your caption areas are clearly defined. if you have missed part of a caption (or other) tag it can cut everything else off. say you were writing the caption line

<caption>here is the caption for this photo/caption>

and you left out that < it will cut everything else off.