for whatever it is worth- they both work in my FireFox (ver 3.6.8).

Please take a look at to see if you can determine what is causing this problem described above. Thank you.

Am I correct that the CSS templates, JS templates and the jquery-1.3.2.min.js files all get placed within the same folder as the SV gallery.xml file? This is what I did with the results as I indicated. I probably just have them located incorrectly. Please advise where they should be. Thanks again!

I tried copying your exact code and replacing only the flash gallery XML. When doing so, it appears alright in a Chrome Browser, except it still has some scroll bars. It does not appear at all in FireFox and in IE it is terribly truncated. Please take a look at: to see what I mean. 

When I placed your code in Dreamweaver it seems that maybe some of your CSS was missing from the zipped file that you referred me to. Can you please check to see if this is the case?

Thank you!

Have not received a response back. Can you please see the comment directly above this one to see if there is a possible solution. Thank you.

The effect of the more complex way is my preference. Do you have a tutorial that will be posted soon??  and/or can you direct me to another site with this info?

As a temporary solution I have found another site done with SimpleViewer that does have a Navigation strip and logo across the top without this problem. From the code I don't think they are doing this with java. Can you please take a look at this site for a possible workaround?
Thank you for assistance!

Is there another way to do this because after I get this working I will be adding a navigation bar as well.

I tried your suggestion and although it fixed the sizing issue it began covering the area where the logo goes. I then used wmode = transparent to resolve that problem. Now after trying several different CSS ways of positioning the the SV gallery, it either ends up stopping the images from resizing again or it rests behind the logo as shown here

What can I do to keep the SV gallery positioning from not overlapping or going under the logo and still have it resize with different resolutions?
Thank you for your help!

I have been trying to get SimpleViewer to resize images within browser windows automatically. It is working when the window resizes horizontally, but when done vertically it crops into the image. I do have the code set-up with percentages and cannot figure the cause. Please see sample page to determine how to correct this.