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Allow me to annotate what I just typed a moment ago.  I believe the problem resided more in the fact that one of the files was apparently corrupted that was in my original input folder.  The file extension I believe may not have been the full issue more so that PS4’s inability to open a particular file that was in the folder.  So, to rectify the issue I believe the solution resides in your identification and removal of whatever file(s) PS is unable open regularly on its own.  Creating the gallery should not be an issue then.


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I believe that I have successfully solved this issue.  I was encountering the same thing.  I believe your issue will be solved by converting all image files in your input folder to an appropriate format like a jpeg.  In my folder I had a mixture of both jpeg and bmp files.  None of the bmp files were recognized and as a result I would get the error message that disabled CS4 from creating the HTML file associated with the gallery and would also give me an that error message.  The moment I took the bmp files out of the folder, everything executed properly.  I hope this assist you in rectifying your problem as it did mine.

Isaac Paul