Hi Steven,

Thank you for all your help and patience. With the generous help you gave me I have managed to formulate what I think is an elegant solution to the problem. I took your code and just added a few extra values and provided the user with a choice of buttons. This is now my gallery design default for a while.

Hi Steven Speirs,

Could I please ask you to take a look at where I am trying to deploy this code?

I am so nearly there but just cannot get the filename into the form field where it is required. Looking at the page and its source will help to see the problem. It is a very simple page.

Please view it at [link]www 46thpreston  org  uk forwardslash simpletest [/link]


Sorry! I just realised you will not be able to see the code because it as an asp page. The entire page is copied as test.htm purely for you to view the entire source code, which as I put earlier, is short and simple. So, if you would be kind enough to view what I am trying to do with the asp page then look at the test.htm page source I feel sure you will see what an incompetent I am.
Oops! You still can't see the form can you - perhaps if I put here the input that is giving me trouble

type="hidden" name="item_number" id='text' value="text"

  The filename is needed to identify the chosen print and its size.



I have done exactly as you suggest. Made a new page on my site /steven.htm and the result is as you say but I do not understand why the image number IMG_0001.jpg is not presented as the 'caption'. In previous simpleviewer galleries I have made the image number appears in the 'caption' tags of the xml file like this <caption>IMG_0001.jpg</caption> instead of the <caption><![CDATA[]]></caption> that appears now I have upgraded.

Simpleviewer is now unlikely to be my gallery maker of choice because it just can't do what I require of it.

Thanks anyway for your help and patience.

Thank You Steven,

I have implemented your kindly offered code but unfortunately have to report as follows;

The Image Number ; (gives the number position in the array e.g. 2 of however many or 3 of however many)
The Image Caption; (remains empty) this is the real goal - to get the caption.

Does the script call the caption correctly? I see in the xml file that it is in ![CDATA[]] format. Not that I understand what that means.

Thank you for your patience.

I have since tried it with the xml file modified to contain actual image numbers in the caption fields instead of CDATA and it works perfectly. So, my question now is, how do I ensure that svBuilder or the photoshop plugin outputs the caption field with image numbers instead of CDATA ?
I am really encouraged by this but, quite reasonably, I do not want to have to edit each gallery's xml file by replacing the contents of the caption fields. Sometimes my galleries can contain 100s of images.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for replying. Please see test a http://www.entiredesign.biz/simpletest/

You will see that it immediately renews to a page showing only Current Image 1

It does not show the 'image number' or 'caption' and does not stay on page displaying the image number in the red bordered box at the top where it should be for me to demonstrate that the image number has been successfully placed outside the flash container.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please bare in mind that I am a photographer not a web developer and will need step by step instruction.

Hi Steven,

In a recent post I was advised that I could grab the 'image number' with an API and place it wherever I wanted on a webpage at each svImageChange(index) event when it is fired. You were kind enough to enclose a javascript to work with the svcore of the latest version, to which I have now upgraded.

However, he resulting output is [Image Number: NaN] which means that it is not a number. Presumably because an image number like IMG_0012.jpg is a string and not a number.
Have I done something wrong or am I missing something?


Further help please.
I have now successfully upgraded my installation and followed your instructions about installing the API code to access the instance (quote 'Each time a new image is selected the svImageChange(index) event is fired.') but it keeps returning for each image, the same result, i.e. Current Image: NaN
I would imagine there is something relatively simple here that js coders would recognize instantly. Unfortunately I am not a js coder.

I am going to move this with more info into where it should be simpleviewer pro v2

Thanks again Steven,

I no longer have the email that included the download link. Can your re-send please?



Having checked my installation, I have version v2.0.3 so I apologise for having posted to the incorrect forum thread in the first place.

Having tried your script I still get no displayed results but clearly the path to src="svcore/js/simpleviewer.js" is incomplete and should be an absolute URL surely?

I cannot find this file within my SVBuilder program folder. Is it downloadable from simpleviewer.net?


Thank you for this, I will check my version tomorrow.


I have been happily using SimpleViewer for a few years now and would really like to try customising it more but I don't see the option I require in SV builder.

What I would like to do is display 'current' selected image number in a Form Field as well as the image display area where it is now. I want to do this so that a viewer can comment by posting my Form without having to input the Image Number themselves.

Can this be done?

Hi spudspud,
I had exactly the same problem. Change the screen settings on your monitor to 1152x864 and all will be revealed.

I was under the impression that Simpleviewer would automatically create the .xml code listing all the images in the image folder? Is this not the case? Do I have to put all entries in by hand? Sometimes I would like galleries to feature 300 or more images. I am using the svBuilder to set parameters, saving the new preset, then using photoshop to import the new gallery preset and generate the gallery. No image listings appear.


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I have excatly the same problem with CS2 and CS3 on another computer. Surely there must be a way of modifying the script reduce the size of input boxes within the dialogue box?