That definitely helped, but now I'm seeing white X's instead of photos.  When I go to the gallery index URL, however, I can see the images.

(same URL as before for the site)

(gallery index URL)

It's located in my "portraits" folder:

I made those changes you suggested, and my menu is now displaying properly in IE, but now I'm getting a "gallery not found" error. This is occurring in both IE and Firefox.

I've been having a lot of trouble getting my drop-down menus to appear in IE and I've come to the conclusion it's because of Simpleviewer.

I've tried using an iframe to embed, which displays the gallery correctly, but hides the menu:

So I tried the Javascript embed method, which disables the gallery and gives me the directive to install Flash (though I most definitely have it):

The Javascript error occurs in Internet Explorer AND Firefox.

Please help!