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In AutoViewer - I know this has been repeatedly requested but I'm not sure its been correctly answered.

I want to be able to move my next/back buttons vertically. I can move them horizontally but not vertical.

I'm not a coder so simply saying adjust the StageManager.as isn't going to help. There's a post by 'braaad' which discussed changing the StageManager.as code I cut and pasted the code hoping once I got my head around the variables & AS I could figure out how to get it to work. When I published the swf I got and error.

I've tried moving the symbol in the flash file!!

Nothing works...help!


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I have a AV file that is 900x500px. The images within the AV is 700x500px. I have captions on the top part of the image BUT the captions are not going to the full width, they are roughly going to about two thirds the width. I've checked out the options.as file and looked at the FLA file....No luck.

Any body out there know how to set the width??