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Under the Sort Screen section of the support page, it claims "Your sort order will be remembered until you change it again."

But it doesn't -- drag n' drop is always the default.  Anything I can edit to have it remember that I always want an A-Z sort?

Thank you!

Anybody have any ideas?

Thinking about this again and it really seems like it doesn't need to be that complicated -- there's got to be a way to edit a php template file to automatically add "{file}" into the caption field of each added image... no?

Sounds good... so where the PHP gurus at??  :)

One of the features I used to love about using the Photoshop plug-in was that it automatically added the image filename into the caption...  is there anyway to get this functionality when creating a gallery with svManager?

I know adding {file} to each caption in the Images page of each gallery adds it... but is there a template file I can edit to always make it *automatically* do that?  I really never need any caption other than the filename...

Thanks for your help and ideas!