Since I haven't been able to view it using XML so I haven't uploaded it yet...
I thought this should be something to do with the setting within the files?
What I don't understand is when ever I add this line fo.addVariable("useFlickr", "false"); then the whole thing go black, nothing is displayed...

Could someone please help me with this?



My XML version of the standard TiltViewer works fine. But with the Pro, I've tried the following for XML version, but always end up with a black screen, the image grid is not loaded, nothing is shown.
1. Open the xml version in the examples folder - nothing is shown except black screen
2. When I open xml version of the standard version, it works fine, but replacing the swf file with the pro version swf file stop it from working.
3. Replace the swf file in Photoshop script. The output doesn't work. But the standard version swf generated and work fine.

I haven't made any change to xml or index.html yet.

If I commented out this line
fo.addVariable("useFlickr", "false");

Then it would load the grey box of the image grid but not actually loading any pictures. Why is that so? What this setting has to do with it?

This is the line for setting xml: fo.addVariable("xmlURL", "gallery.xml"); My gallery.xml is in the same folder with the index.html, and the swf file.

And this is my xml file content
        <photo imageurl="images/DSC06717.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
        <photo imageurl="images/DSC06718.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
        <photo imageurl="images/DSC06718_resize.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
        <photo imageurl="images/DSC06719.jpg" showFlipButton="true">

Please tell me if I've done something wrong.