Bingo! Adding that code removes the color cast that I was experiencing on my desktop system!

So, are there any drawbacks to adding that line of code? (I am not necessarily the most code-savvy page creator).
With that new item added to the html file, does it affect color rendering, or the ICC support? In essence: what does that piece of code do while it is also fixing the color issue I was having on my system...?

If there are no major drawbacks, then thank you! I think it solves it.

Very much appreciated!

Sorry for the delayed reply; I was out of town.

The issue is present on my home machine: G5 tower running Mac OS 10.4.11 // Firefox 3.6.3 // Flash Version 10.1
The "web" folder version of SimpleViewer loads correctly (no hue over the top in either browser mode, or full screen mode). The "color_ corrected" example loads the sample index gallery with a blue hue over the top of the page (which goes away when the gallery is viewed in full screen mode).

Based on your suggestion, I tried loading the sample galleries onto my work machine (MacBookPro running OS 10.5.8 with Flash v10.1). Everything seems to load correctly on this machine in both Firefox and Safari. (No apparent hues when the gallery is loaded on that machine).

So in short, color correction loads correctly on one of my machines, but not the other. Kind of a bummer, since I do my editing on my desktop.

Is there any reason why it works in Full Screen mode, but has a hue in browser viewing?
I can probably live with it, assuming the majority of machines out there don't experience the problem (specifically clients of mine).
[Anyone else out there reading this thread notice any hues when working with ICC and flash?]

Anyway, I appreciate the help! I still have to do some more experimenting and now try utilizing the ICC support and hope that it publishes correctly.

Thanks for the response! I'm glad that administrators reply at SimpleViewer (unlike some other forums).


I just purchased the Pro version to take advantage of the color profile recognition.
But I am having the same issue (a color cast over the page) except the color cast that I am seeing is blue.
When I go to full screen mode, the color cast disappears.

I don't think it has anything to do with my web page's html code, because the issue is found in the example gallery that is received as part of the purchase (in: simpleviewer_pro_203 > examples > color_corrected ). When I open the "index.html" file that is sent inside the "color_corrected" folder, the page loads with a blue hue over the top of everything. This goes away in full screen mode.

I updated to the latest version of Flash, and my browsers are up to date (Safari and Firefox being the main two I use).

Any ideas?
I wonder if the issue is in the code of the .swf file...?

(And of course, thank you for any help you can offer)