Hi Jack! many thanks for your support and kindly help.
Well, i've done what you told me.
When i put a background (a gif one) then, the gallery doesn't work. it says "TiltViewer requires JavaScript and the latest Flash player. Get Flash here. "

i could see the gif background here but no the gallery.

also, i would like to add a flash menu embedded into the gallery. is it possible?

Where's that option? the unique option is change background colour, not to put an image... or there is something i'm missing? many thanks.
Here's the link http://www.gruponexus.com.ar/svmanager/lanzamientos/

I bought tiltviewer and svmanager to embed on my website.
I made a gallery with svmanager. i put the tiltviewer.swf file into plugins... and the gallery now is pro.
thats OK.

the problem is when i want to change i.e. the background, and i modify the index.php (locally), then i could not upload the file to the server. i've tried to change the permissions, but, i could not change it.

any help?
many thanks. sorry for my bad english.
juan, (from argentina)