I got my images to load using SimpleViewer Standard 2.0 with marginal changes to css and new index and gallery xml files.

I cannot adjust the border around the main image in the gallery.xml. The white border persists regardless of which params I use (frameWidth, navPadding, etc - all left over from 1.x versions). Can this be adjusted in the free version?

I have a copyright tagline in the sidebar menu that is wider than the allotted space. I'd like to fix this.

I cannot get captions to appear for the main image in this arrangement. Is this something that can't be adjusted in the horizontal layout of the sidebar format?

Assistance would be most appreciated.


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Upgraded each file & folder by hand. And redesigning the site as a result of the use of CSS, which I haven't worked with before.

I have more questions that I'll post separately so this thread can be closed. Thanks again.


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I have the free SimpleViewer code, ver 1.8,  and need to upgrade to the latest ver.

What will I have to change in my old code to adjust for the use of the upgrade ver?