Hi there, I was wondering if this would be possible and simple to list all galleries as a sort of drop down menu so that you can switch galleries from within the galleries themselves.

I am going to have a go myself and was wondering if anyone else would like this feature/ knows how to go about doing so.

Any help would be appreciated.

I know from the index page a list of galleries is generated so I will start by playing around with that.


Thanks, I don't think I am the only one that would appreciate and use this feature.


Hi Jack, I don't want to sort by date (as in the date the gallery was imported into svmanager) but to sort by date (see http://gallery.michaelnorris.co.uk/) I have named the galleries accordingly New York Aug 2008, San Fran Sep 2008, Los Angeles Oct 2008 etc and would like to order with the newest first, I have found a way by editing the gallerydata.txt file but was wondering if there was any plan to implement a drag-and-drop way of organising the galleries as you do with the images within the galleries themselves.

Thanks for your reply previously,


I have sorted it, you can change the gallerydata.txt file (I have done so in the past and its corrupted the file) however this time it worked for me.

If anyone else has this query/ problem, message me and I will explain.

..main index page.

Hi there, I was wondering if there is anyway to edit the gallerydata.txt file to manually change the order that the galleries are shown on the main index page. I would like to order them by date (a function which is not included in svmanager).

Is this possible without corrupting the file?

Thanks in advance for any feedback on this.