Apologies if I've missed an answer, but I've searched and not found any complete answers and I do realize this is a Rapidweaver question as much as a Simpleviewer question... but, so it goes....

I am using current version of Rapidweaver and have purchased SVpro 2.0. I understand the SV plugin for Rapidweaver doesn't support version 2. I found a couple references from earlier this year to the use of SV and RW... with a solution using the Stacks Plugin for RW and a Stack called Flash Stack.

The following approach was suggested....

1) download Phil Warrender's Flash stack here: http://www.philwarrender.com/
2) in the flash stack edit window change the file path to: assets/SimpleViewer.swf and modify flash width & height sliders
3) add all the files in your new gallery folder to the RW 'page assets"
4) Preview and publish.

I thought I got this to work once... but had a system freeze and hadn't saved.... all gone when i came back and haven't been able to replicate.

Can anyone confirm if they have gotten this to work?

And I need some clarification....
In the RW assets "window", do you drop "all" files from the SV gallery folder? i.e. in the thumbs and images folders you have same names for different files (i.e. different sizes of the images). Folder heirarchy does not seem to be maintained in the assets pane.... do you drag them all in as individual files? or ?

Do you add any other code ie to the header pane? or am i getting confused with the way the Simpleviewer plugin for earlier versions was to work?

If Anyone at Simpleviewer can suggest an alternative to this method... i.e. how to embed on an html page in Rapidweaver... would very much appreciate it.

Gallery looks fantastic and, when I had it working, it was great. But I'm not a coder... that's why I am trying to use these "template" tools...

Thanks for any help

Ok - thanks... easy.


I may be a complete simpleton... but....

just purchased pro and installed... I see svBuilder and it launches fine. Try opening gallery I built using the free download photoshop script - i get a message that says "Embedding in Flash requires SimpleViewer-Pro"

I thought that was what i just purchased...?

In apps folder I see only svBuilder...