Steven Speirs wrote:

This FAQ may help: … #trouble_6
Otherwise, please post the URL of your gallery.

This helped a lot. I used the External Gallery Folder method in the Embedding Guide … ml#pathing.

My problem concerned where to logically locate the Gallery folder in a Wordpress Multi-User type environment.  I was successful once I moved it out of the blogs.dir subdirectory that I had been attempting to link to.  I'll keep experimenting, but if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

I really like the svBuilder-Pro app--it's a nice piece of work.  Thank you.

Steven Speirs wrote:

You could then upload the entire gallery folder and link to the gallery's index page from within your WordPress post.
Being that the gallery created by svBuilder-Pro has no header, footer, side menu etc it would fill the entire browser window.

I bought the SV pro version tonight.  I'm aware of the wordpress plugin, but I'd rather use the svBuilder app as much as possible. I successfully published a gallery to a local directory and uploaded the directory to a wordpress site.  I've checked ownership and permissions of the directory.  I'm attempting to link to the index page from within a post or page without success.

In experimental mode, I've tried using the embed code in the post/page edited with a permanent link to the simpleviewer.js in the uploaded directory, which generates a 'gallery xml' not found.  Any help would be appreciated.

Fixed:  simple username issue.

Test post of Flickr gallery:


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I did create a manual uploads folder and it seems to have worked, however, the upload/gallery creation process is confusing.  I uploaded 2 images as part of the post creation process, but the viewer is showing one image twice.  Test post: … ery-test/.  I see that I could edit the XML file to fix the problem. 

I'm not wild about the WP media library functionality, hence the interest in the NextGen gallery plugin and the rest of the SimpleViewer products. 

If I were going to try to deploy this plugin across the would-be network, I would want to edit the upload path so individual bloggers would be saving XML files to their own blog.dir directory.

As an aside from testing out this plugin, I'm looking for a way to organize thousands of travel images and create a searchable resource.  I'll keep looking at the rest of the SimpleViewer tools.

I got the same error until i changed the permissions of the uploads directory to 777.  Now it's giving me an error on my flickr username not being found, but I can at least find the xml files for the galleries in the uploads folder.


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I stopped working with the plugin since it seems to anticipate a upload path for a single blog installation rather than a WP_MU context with a /wp-content/blogs.dir path.  However, I'm looking forward to using SimpleViewer products, so I'll check back in.


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I've actually uncovered a bigger uploads issue, which may be the cause. However, I should point out that I am running a WP_MU installation upgraded to WP 3.0, so the file upload path is: wp-content/blogs.dir/yourBlogID#/files. So the uploads folder does not exist. Given the multi-blog capability of 3.0, this may bear on your plugin development.


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I am only just started working with the plugin, but I'm getting immediate error messages attempting to Add Gallery to a post in a Wordpress 3.0 installation.

Warning: could not save gallery.xml file. in ..../wp-content/plugins/simpleviewer/web/buildgallery.php on line 1057
gallery_id="1" bgcolor="ffffff" gallery_width ="100%" gallery_height ="600"]

Clicking on the Edit Galleries setting yields the following:

Warning: opendir(..../wp-content/uploads/) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in .../wp-content/plugins/simpleviewer/simpleviewer.php on line 588

Warning: readdir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in .../wp-content/plugins/simpleviewer/simpleviewer.php on line 591

Warning: closedir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in .../wp-content/plugins/simpleviewer/simpleviewer.php on line 600

I upped the permissions for the Simpleviewer plugin directory from 755 to 777 with no change.