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Hi Steven,
your proposal was very helpful - the Flash plug-in for Firefox was not installed; works fine now.
The same problem appears by the way when using IE 9 (64 bit); solution: Adobe Flash Player "Square" (64 Bit) http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer11.html


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sorry, this is the valid link: http://www.wwplus.lu/Test/team_neu_I/team_de.html
In Firefox I only see a big main image but no thumbnails.


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I've upgraded to SimpleViewerPro Version 2.1.3.
The first gallery I've generated with the new Version looks fine in IE 9 and Chrome, but not in Firefox 4.0.
Here's the link: http://www.wwplus.lu/Test/team/team_de.html
Do you perhaps have a solution to this problem with Firefox?

I'm using SimpleViewer Pro and I would like to open a modal window by clicking on a hyperlink in the caption text.
Do you know a way to realize this?
(I've not decided yet which software to use for the modal window but as it will contain an html page, I will probably use greybox or shadowbox)