Thank you Mike. I figured it would be a pretty easy fix.

Is there a way around this so my client doesn't have to alter the XML file?
He was hoping for push-button publishing from LR, but it sounds like a extra step may be involved in the editing of the XML file.

thank you again.

I'm using LR3, under the WEB panel, trying to export a SimpleViewer gallery to my website through the upload feature. I've set my path directories, but when updating a gallery page, the SimpleViewer thumbs and pictures come up with big white X's.

Obviously the photos are missing, how do I fix this? I'm just  wanting to replace a old gallery with the newer, more updated photo gallery -- I'm using the same path/directory for the replacement of the older file. I think it has something to do wit the XML file that is being written?

Can someone help me w/this?

Here is an example of a perfectly fine, FUNCTIONING gallery and BROKEN gallery: