Thanks Steven,
I waited over 48 hours hoping that they'd eventually show up but had no luck. As I mentioned though, I just went back to the tried and true Flickr Uploadr program I've been using on my computer for ages and all the images started showing up immediately. I think it's actually quicker to upload that way anyhow. I'm just glad I realized what the problem was!
Thanks again!

It just occurred to me that the images that aren't showing up are all images that I uploaded using Flickr's new in-browser drag and drop uploader. I tried using the Flickr Uploadr (the app you download for mass uploading from your desktop) which is what I normally use to upload images to Flickr and sure enough those images show up fine.

So there's one work around for it. I can't imagine what in the world in the browser uploader would cause that to happen but I think I'll just go back and upload images the way I used to!

Hi, I've looked all over for the answer to this but can't seem to find anything that works.
I'm trying to update my simpleviewer galleries which pull images from my Flickr sets. The problem is that the galleries aren't showing any of the new images I've uploaded to flicker and added to the existing sets.

What I've Tried:
All current browsers, including downloading EI to test.
Clearing the cache for browsers and reloading page.
Loading the page on my iphone 4.
Rearranging images within the set (on Flickr) which registers immediately on my website.
Deleting images within the set (on flickr) which registers immediately on my website.
Adding images to the set which have been on flickr for a while which register immediately on my website.

It seems that this is only an issue with newly uploaded images. I believe I've checked the permissions on all new images and they are set to the same as the old photos which seem to show up fine.

You can check this link to my website ( … dings.html) and I've set it up so that the 2nd image in the flickr set should be a dog lying on the floor. (The dog photo is one I uploaded yesterday and shows up fine on flickr but not in the gallery on my website) Here is the Flickr set that it should be pulling from: … 693511964/

Any ideas, information or feedback would be incredibly helpful!
Thanks a million!

oh man. I seriously tried that 5 times.
I figured what the heck I'll try it again. So I deleted all the files, opened a brand new page, added the template, all that good stuff from scratch and after working on it today for 5.5 hours.... all my problems were from not clearing my cache!!! DUH!

Thanks for such a quick reply, sometimes you just need someone else to get involved to figure it out yourself :)

I've spent a couple days trying to figure this problem out.
I'm trying to embed the viewer to pull up photos from my flickr account. I seem to recall that when using an html template there is a bit of code that needs to go in the head of the document and more that goes in the body but can't for the life of me remember what it is (simpleviewer 2.0.3)

I tried using the code I had before and just updating it but it was a really old version of simpleviewer and at the time I was creating actual galleries via PS. Trying to use the update info didn't work.... so I'm hoping someone else out there has successfully embedded the flickr viewer into their site, specifically one that's using templates.