I have set up several websites that use the wp-simpleviewer plugin that draws from a flickr feed to display specific flickr sets on specific pages. Unfortunately, the amount of steps required (There are 24) make it too difficult for the average user, so I have to do it for them. Have you considered ways of making it easier to "link" wp-simpleviewer to various accounts (Flickr, Instagram, Picassa, etc...) to make it easier to select images, sets, tags, etc, from within the "Add Simpleviewer Gallery" pane?

I would definitely be willing to pay for this as an add-on.


I am looking for a way to dynamically load Flickr Sets from a WP template, without having to require an XML file for each gallery. Is there way to specify the FlickrSetID either through shortcodes or Flashvars?

I tried this:

$shortcode= "[simpleviewer gallery_id = 'slideshow_default' useFlickr='true' flickrSetId='$flickrSetId' ]";
echo "flickrset: ".$flickrset;
echo do_shortcode($shortcode);

...It loaded the parameters correctly from the slideshow_default.xml file, but it ignored the flickrSetId in the shortcode, and loaded random images from Flickr instead.

It would be great if future version could include:

1. Closer Flickr integration, so users could select a FlickrSet from within the Wordpress UI
2. Templates for gallery styles, so Advanced options don't have to be re-entered each time

Doh. No descriptions? Anything new on the roadmap for the mobile player, in terms of capabilities and options? I work with several artists and galleries who use Flickr to manage their collection of images, and the descriptions contain a lot of key info.

Hi there - I have several SV galleries on a website, but the image titles/descriptions do not appear in when viewing on the iPhone. Here is an example URL:


I should note that this is running through WP-SimpleViewer and pulling images from flickr.


Has there been any official word from Flickr about what is going on, and when it will be resolved for non-US customers? There are many, many people anxiously awaiting news.

If this issue is to continue for a few more days, would it be worthwhile looking into ways this issue could be worked around? From were I am, it appears that farm7 is the anomaly. Could a temporary patch be released that "forces" SimpleViewer to use switch from farm7 to another server if it cannot retrieve the crossdomain.xml?

Yes I can confirm the same issue - this is very nasty.

Would love to see a more user-friendly implementation of the pro-features. Perhaps a series of drop-downs, where the user could select the parameter to add from a series of drop downs (maybe have one dropdown for each of the 16 pro options categories), the parameter would then be added to a list below, and to the right of each item there would be a dropdown or text box where the user could set the value.

Another option might be to select from a list of pre-made config templates, so the user could go to one place to edit the template, and then select the template when they edit the gallery.

Can anyone verify that the Pro Options are working OK? I bought the pro version last week and squealed with glee when I saw the new WP-SimpleViewer plug in. Great work people! But how do I go pro?

I have been trying to set up the ProOptions as follows:


but these options don't take effect, and when I go back to "Edit Gallery", it shows double-quotes, or triple-quotes, depending on how often I save the gallery settings...