Hi Steven

This worked great with 2.1.3 though I'm noticing an issue with 2.2.0.  It seems to load the 'mobile.xml' fine when looking at the gallery embedded, but reverts back to the desktop 'gallery.xml' when it's in full screen mode.  The new 'full.html' file in the svcore folder looks the same so I'm not sure what's happening.

Thanks for your help.

Agreed with what you tested it on too - I have a couple of phones I test on, so the only ones that are showing the issue are ones with higher pixel ratios than normal (i.e. Samsung AMOLED displays, Apple Retina, etc.).

Maybe I'll try to email you a couple screenshots to better show you.  Not the end of the world in any way, but would love to find out what's triggering it since everything is set to 100%.

Thanks again for taking a look.

Hi Steven

Thanks for the reply.  Is there any way to PM you a link?

Im using the embedded method on a site that is responsive.  Normal pages render the same to the width of the device screen (in this case a Nexus S). What I couldn't figure out was why pages with embedded galleries were rendering at a larger size.

Turns out that devices with higher than normal pixel ratios (I.e. iPhone retina displays, etc) are rendering at the normal size multiplied by the ratio so my sites are rendering at something like 1.5x the normal width.  I'm wondering if this is a flash issue as any other CSS work I've done seems to snap to the normal width.

Hoping there might be some info available.


That's great.  That also lets me tackle another question I had about serving different 'images' to mobile vs flash as well.


I've set up a gallery using Flickr's default thumbnail size (in this case 100 x 67).  I've set the flash version to use them and it looks great, but when viewing the mobile site, the ratio is off since it's re-sizing them to square again. 

Is there any way to retain the ratio or use separate thumbnails to keep the square and aspect ratio?

Thanks for your help.

I'm wondering if its possible to set a different stageVAlign value in full screen mode vs. windowed mode.  I'd like it to be aligned to the top in windowed, but centered on the screen in full screen.  Perhaps through 'params' in the embed?  I just wasn't sure if there was a value for this.



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That's great to hear confirmed.  Thanks!


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Did a little more testing and have some more information about the problems.

  • I'm using absolute URLs in my gallery.xml file for the images and thumbs.  That seems to be the issue for the full mobile view.  Is there any way around this?

  • It looks like the mobile options (transition, caption, etc.) need to be defined in the gallery.xml file, not preset.

Hi there

I'm trying to implement the mobile view, and it seems to work great, but had a couple issues.  To set this up, each gallery is in a 3rd depth folder as such:


where the svcore folder would be:


  • All of the images show up fine in the main gallery, but in full screen mode, I only get the waiting icon.

  • The other issue I'm having is that it's not picking up the mobile configuration options if they're set in the preset.xml file in 'dir1'.  I've tested it in the gallery.xml of each gallery and that doesn't seem to work either.  Are these supposed to be referenced somewhere else?



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The solution you posted works great Felix, thanks.

Just wanted to chime in that I also think it'd be great to be able to point the download image button to the linkURL rather than the imageURL to keep the download icon and wording.


I was hoping to follow up on this.  I noticed today that if you copy the direct link to the original size image from Flickr as well as the 75x75 thumbnail of a private photo and manually input them into the gallery.xml file, you can indeed link to private photos. 

I believe this might go against Flickr policy if the photos are not yours since they don't attribute the owner, but for the orignal owner I don't see an issue.

Now if I could find a way to automatically copy these 2 links for every photo in a Flickr set.  Doing it one by one would be awful.

Any ideas?