Thanks. Maybe you take a look to Joomla instead?
Take the small amount I payed as a donation ;)

I set up about 15 auto- and simpleviewer, not embed, and its hard work, to write the xml, every other gallery would create itself.
At least for the problem now I use a Joomla-solution, lost a lot time, and I feel not well, that the client has to pay for it.

I never give up, but now  I do.

Thats the code, I also found a few time in your forum.
Unfortunately this code is not working.

I´ve seen that I have 2.0.3 Makes that any difference? I deleted all mails from buying ecept the paypal information. Would be nice if you tell me if that makes any difference in the questions I had. I dont want to loose time again by updating.

1. Its for example easy to embed You tube ... to Joomla; this loads from an external page. It loads also, if I work local. So it should not be hard to use an external folder of my root instead for the simpleviewer swf. But whats the code then? The embed code from Adobe Air does not work.

2. The iframe module in Joomla generates the iframe with a .php, so I cannot leave a path there or define background... for all; and at least I need a few galleries.
I thought, that maybe the z-index works with the iframe.

3. Morfeo show uses the free Simpleviewer and it works perfect; also allows a white background and runs behind superfish. I know many galleries; simpleviewer and autoviewer are the only one with this superfish and background problem.
Sorry, I have not the knowledge to find my way to extract the code for simpleviewer in morfeoshow, they deliver about 7 different gallery-styles. Also Ozio has a similar solution I think.

4. So I will not use simpleviewer pro for my projects. I find a lot of posts, but never an exact answer. I think its easy, but I have not the knowledge and use flash only, if my clients wants to use it.
There are a lot of similar galleries to use for free, Java and Ajax. They have only too much features and a design, I dont like.
The straight design of your solutions is, what artists like.

Thanks for your help.

I´ve Pro and lost days trying to embed it in Joomla

- embed with "wrapper" - isn´t that a very bad way ? Is it necessary to use iframe?  It works, but I cannot bring it to the background, - z-index - what ever - behind a superfish menu and I cannot change the background color to white

- all the other codes I found didn´t work because there is never the exact point where to change the code.

- you deliver very clear instructions, but when I try, there are different names for the files, the code would not work in an article ...

- is it really not possible to haven an easy step by step instruction for one of the biggest CMS like Joomla?

- or could you tell me how I change the morfeo show to pro (isn´t that the same way crazy as the wrapper - is there no possibility to embed in an easy, strait, clear way?

Thanks a lot for help. I like the clear design of the Simpleviewer, so its a pity to throw it away.

PS: I´m developing it locally with MAMP.