Thanks for the answer. This website is for a client so that's not a great solution. One of the main reasons I wanted to use this for their site is that it's extremely easy for them to add images to the gallery on the page by simply uploading images to the page.

After testing a few things I found a 'solution' ..maybe this will help somebody else with the same question:

Instead of setting the featured image by clicking "set featured image > upload from computer" you should instead first upload the image to the media library. Then back on the page click "set featured image > media library". By doing that the featured image doesn't get added to the gallery.

I'm using featured images in my wordpress posts (for banner images). The problem is they show up in the simpleviewer gallery on the page. Is there some way to exclude this image from the simpleviewer gallery?

I want to use the Wordpress plugin and buy the pro version. The problem is I need it to work on iPhone, iPad, etc. It looks like the Wordpress plugin version is still the older version of Simpleviewer (that doesn't work on iPhones). Am I missing something? Is there a way to update the plugin so it will work on iPhones?