Reviving this post with a similar question.

AnthoNYC said:

- You can have the thumbnails at the bottom but I don't think you can get them to "overlay" the image.

My question is in the gallery the original OP mentioned, notice when you resize the browser the row of thumbnails will become smaller, less number of thumbnail images,  to accommodate the smaller browser size, does SV pro do this and if so, how? I'm designing a site very similar to this and when I resize the browser the thumbnail navigation is getting cut off or hidden behind the smaller browser window. How do you get the thumbnails to scale either in size or number of thumbnail images when resizing a browse to be smaller?

I'm a photographer redesigning my website portfolio. Bought SV pro so i could build a website portfolio that scales with the browser. So someone with a 30" monitor will view my site very similar to someone looking at it on a 12" laptop. Change the browser size and the images and site scales up or down with the browser window size. Hopes that makes sense. Most website portfolios have thumbnails either on the right or on the bottom, and these thumbs will scroll up or down or left and right automatically based on the position of the cursor. Because SV pro uses arrows to scroll the thumbnails, and the thumbnails do not scale in size as do the images when changing the browser size, then the thumbnail navigation, the arrows, get hidden when the browser is scaled down. the only workaround I can find is to show only 3 or 4 thumbnail images per column, or row, before you have to click an arrow to advance to the next column, or row, of thumbnails. Whatever the smallest browser size I anticipate someone might view my website, which is around a resolution of 1024 x 768, I have to build a thumbnail row or column that will show the thumbnail navigation on that size which is usually 3 or 4 thumbnails. then when scaling up your left with this tiny column of thumbnails only 3 or 4 images tall, or long, depending on whether the thumbnails are on the right or bottom. Is there a way to make the thumbnails scroll to the next column or row with a mouse over instead of arrows or a way to scale the thumbnails as do the images when you resize your browser? thanks. -David