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Thank you for your response.  I have checked to make sure my XML file is saved as UTF-8 coding and it is.  I am not using any special characters.  For example when I type the word with it comes up as wit.  the word architecture comes up as acitetue. Any suggestions?  Please be clear and concise in your response.  I have looked all through the forum and have carefully read the FAQ section.

Thank you.


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two issues

the captions that i have are all spelled correctly in my gallery file.  when they come up they are missing letters???  any ideas why this might be happening and how to correct it.  i have tried closing, opening, re-saving, re-doing and that doesn't work.

can i change the font size of the captions?  where would this happen if it's possible?

thanks for the help.

thank you for your response


WTF?  Someone please give me a respectable answer to this question.

Hi, This question has already been asked on this forum in 2008, however it was not answered.

I am new to flash, but have enough basic knowledge to get by.  And I am learning more each day.

I would like to add sourcecode and buttons to the postcardviewer.fla background page without embedding the entire gallery.

The reasons are simple, I think the charm of the gallery is lost when the images cannot 'fly' right off the page, and as far as I can figure things, when the gallery is embedded the images only 'fly' off within the embedded page and there is a border around that page. 

Is there any way to add to the actionscript code that already exists to make my buttons work within that same .fla page.

Please help me solve this problem.

Thank you.