OK, it's working fine now in version 2.1.1 ... Even if I get somes troubles with BaseURL on mobile player.

I read somewhere in the forum that it's not yet supported by the mobile version.

The workaround I use, is to hardcoding the all path of pict and thumb in the gallery.xml for getting the same htm page for full & mobile version.

Thx a lot.


OK, Thanks

Waiting the new version ;-)


I just setup a brand new gallery, with an "external" svcore directory (ie not in gallery folder)
Gallery.xml is static and generated by sBuilder-pro; you can read content here : http://brunogallerie.free.fr/toto/gallery.xml

I upload the folder generated by svBuilder and move the svcore folder to one directory level upper (ie root level)

I change svcore variable accordingly in html, and make two manual flavours : one flash and one without flash

Flash working fine : http://brunogallerie.free.fr/toto/flash.html

but the without Flash version getting the "Gallery XML Not Found" error : http://brunogallerie.free.fr/toto/noflash.html

I get this error in Firefox (v3.6.10), and I get a "Cannot Parse Gallery XML" in IE (v8.0.7600)

Looking more tomorrow, it's about 1:00am here ;-)



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Changes done. No difference, BTw the error message in Gallery XML not found, not errors parsing xml file.

I try to investigate ...


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It seems than  I get the same issue here  : http://www.simpleviewer.net/forum/viewt … p?id=11408



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I already tried that ;-)

First the "noflash version" was with the same galleryURL without % escaping characters and I tried that just in case.
You should see the second version in comment ;-)

BTW I put the same for the two versions now, same pb ;-)

Thanks for looking


I bought today the pro version after years of using the free one and update to the 2.1 version.

I'm using simpleviewer with dynamic generated gallery.xml content with a php script, which is working fine with the flash version (still working fine with the 2.1 :D after some tuning for new parameters )

But it's not working with the noflash version, getting a "Gallery XML Not Found" message

You can have a look here :

Flash version working fine
http://brunogallerie.free.fr/view.html? … Breviaires

Noflash version not working (the only difference is the flash parms set to false to force using the noflash version)
http://brunogallerie.free.fr/viewnoflas … Breviaires

An example of the gallery.xml generated content is reachable here :
http://brunogallerie.free.fr/viewer.php … Breviaires

BTW, thanks for this great viewer :-)