I'm showing 4 columns and 4 rows, but the player has too much black space between the small icons and the text that follows underneath the player.

Can I make the embedded player smaller without making the images smaller so there is less space between the player and the text above/below.

Here's the url

http://www.home-theater-design-concepts … hemes.html

I appreciate all your help.


That's the trick...thanks.

Here is the URL

http://www.home-theater-design-concepts … jects.html

Here is a sample of the code from my galleryprojects.xml page

        <photo imageurl="imgs/Installs/African.jpg" >
            <title>African Theme</title>

My first Tiltview page works fine. I now need to create additional Tiltviewers which are embedded in existing HTML pages.
I'm placing the images for the additional pages in subfolders in the imgs folder. I updated my gallery.xml code to account for the subfolder in the imgs folder but the webpage is not loading the images.
I suppose I can add all my images directly into the imgs folder without subfolders but this can get a bit sloppy.
Any suggestions.

I created the below page which works great in IE but not showing at all in the two other browsers.

http://www.home-theater-design-concepts … nTilt.html

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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This is probably a simple question, but can't find the answer.

How do I place an image on the flip side of an image.