Steven Speirs wrote:

If you use only 75% of any available space, there will be space around the edges.  Better to use 100% of a smaller area.
My initial suggestion worked in that there was no gap between the SimpleViewer button and the 'website created by...' text (I tested it in IE8 and Firefox 3.6.10).
Here's a great reference guide to CSS:

So could i have the logo and buttons at the top, on a layer over the top of the simpleviewer, therefore keeping the size so that the 'website created by...' text  is snug under the simpleviewer flash, like i had in the image??? how can i do this?

Steven Speirs wrote:

(1) In chard.html (the SimpleViewer v2.1 gallery) you could try the following.

Line 85: <div>
Line 86: <div align="center">
Line 97: SV.simpleviewer.load('sv-container', '95%', '75%', '48B0D6',true);

... to:

Line 85: <div align="center">
Line 86: <div style="width: 95%; height: 75%;">
Line 97: SV.simpleviewer.load('sv-container', '100%', '100%', '48B0D6',true);

(2) See here: … tml#svcore

(3) See here: … #trouble_2

i have also enabled on the cpanel of the server that 'no direct links' to files are allowed, would this have somthing to do with it

Try disabling the option and see if it makes any difference.

It would also be a good idea to iron out the errors from the W3C Markup Validation Service shown here.

I tried part 1, and simplied my div center lines, however when i reduce the height size
to 75%, there is still a gap between the "[simpleviewer]" button and the "website created by..." text,
is there any way to fix this???

See image; i edited the image in paint to help explain what i am trying to do

Hi there

I work on a website where i have just upgraded from simpleviewer version 1.9, to version 2,
currently we are upgrading the whole site, but can you explain the following occurances;

Problem 1
In version 1.9 pages, the buttons and information at the bottom of the page sits nicely within the window 'hugging' the bottom of the simpleviewer gallery; see link; … rdutd.html

In verison 2, i had to move the buttons to the top of the page and as a result of the following (this still hasnt fixed it); for some reason the information is spaced miles away from then end of the gallery???- infact the scroll bar appears as a result, and i didnt intend for this to happen; see link; … chard.html

Any suggestions???

Problem 2

In the earlier gallerys (version 1.9) you could use html references to common files, so the same look and feel appeared throughout the site, in this case the simpleviewer flash was in the root of the gallery folder with the swfobject file,

in version 2 the svcore file needs to be in the same location as the html used to view the gallery? is thier any coading that can allow for only 1 upload of this folder so that all gallerys reference to it, could someone explain (if this can be done), how to do it please (otherwise the repetition of the folder will take up lots of space on the server)?

Any suggestions???

Problem 3

I now have a mobile device, so to check out the new verision 2 feature of mobile device compatibility, i tried it on the site using "android browser", however the simpleviewer gallery opened, but no photos??? it cant seem to find the jpegs???
any fixes here, i have also enabled on the cpanel of the server that 'no direct links' to files are allowed, would this have somthing to do with it, because i had a similar problem with on of the early released until a fix was added,

Any suggestions???

Look forward to a reply
Many thanks  :)