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i have the same problem with SV 1.8.5
My links worked good before. But now i detect the problem
For exmpl: http://n-57.narod.ru/more/ caption for img#14 (photo of the car): :0 maryjane.ru
i have the code for this caption
            <![CDATA[:0 </br><a href="http://www.maryjane.ru/index.php?action=blog_view_post&post_id=862" target="_blank"><font color="#FFFFFF" size="12"><u>maryjane.ru</u></font></a>]]>

same code i used for another page http://n-57.narod.ru/pics_not -- you can see any img -- caption include url always. And url works fine! Because i used SimpleViewer v2.1.
But whats the problem appeared suddenly with SV 1.8.5?