It's available in the Pro-version.

Update: buildgallery.php doesn't remove links/captions, if they were added once. If you delete the caption-lines from your gallery.xml file and execute buildgallery.php again with unchecked "underline links" and so on, everything is like it should be.

So in the non-pro version there's really no way to turn in off?

... or make it transparent / add opacity or (rgb)a to it?

Maybe it would be enough to make the text transparent?

Is that possible?

PS: Oh and also "underline links" was disabled in buildgallery, but the "01" in my case (the image-name) is underlined.

Hi everybody again,

I'm having another "problem" with simpleviewer. I disabled the right-click function via buildgallery.php ...

But I still can see the e.g. "01   1/42" below my thumbnail list and the "01" is a direct link to the image, so everybody can click this link and then save the picture. Is there a way I can disable the "imagename   n-th image/amount of images"-tag?

Would be great if you've got any ideas. :)



Ok great, thanks.


ok, it seems the problem is somewhere else. The div in which simpleviewer is embedded has "opacity:0.70".

I wonder if there's a way how it wouldn't affect simpleviewer.




thanks for the reply.

I tried that, but then my images and thumbnails, the navigation arrows and also the frame are transparent, too. I just want the real background, in the defaults the '222222', to be transparent.



Hi folks,

I'd like to have a transparent background, but I don't want my images to be transparent, too...

Is this possible?