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Alright, I've spent the past few hours banging my head against the wall over this. I've built a .fla file that works as the main page of my website, and then I use buttons to load autoviewer galleries as seperate .swf movie files.

It all works fine when you open the first gallery, but when you try to navigate to the next gallery, it shows the images from the first one opened. So I can open any gallery first, but all the subsequent galleries opened afterwords just display the images from the first one opened.

I've tried editing the xmlPath in options, I've put them in completely different directories, I've even tried eiditng certain parts of the xmlLoader to change how the xml file is loaded, but they all just produce the above result.

I've read around the site and can't find anything except for editing the .html, but that won't work because they are all built into one continuous flash site.

Help anyone?