Recently I purchased the amazing tiltviewer for a Joomla website. The integration with Joomla is perfect, only one problem occurs when I want to link to Joomla content from Tiltviewer. If you reverse the postcards in Tiltviewer, you can click on a link that refers to an external page. This external link is loaded in an XML file. This can only be XML. I want to add the rel=shadowbox tag or rel = ligtbox tag so when you click this link one of the joomla boxes can be used together with tiltviewer. After finding out this is not possible I realize now this is not a standard feature. I found some other sites where they use flash to trigger Joomla in the same way I describe for example
and there is a flash-joomla injector module available.

Is it complicated to make tiltviewer work like that ?