Your change suggested completely stops the gallery from being re-sized. We just want to set a minimum size so that the size of the image gallery can still be dynamically increased/deceased based on browser size, but at a certain point it stops decreasing so that it doesn't start getting tiny.

Edit: Actually, it doesn't completely stop the gallery from being re-sized as it looks like it can still get smaller. We want to opposite. ;)

We're inserting SVBuildPro's galleries into our site:

However, because of the page's header and footer, it's compacting the gallery and we're getting a smaller image. I've tried setting a new width/height in the XML, but it doesn't seem to work.

Is there a way I can set a min-height too so that when the browser is made really small the gallery always stays at the same original width/height and doesn't get so tiny?


Thanks, that fixed it.

I've been able to upload each one of my galleries fine into their own folders, but I'm trying to make a landing home page that functions the exact same as the individual gallery pages, but something isn't working right. Here are two examples of everything working fine in their own sub folders and But if you go to the root folder the gallery seems to be missing something... The root folder has the images folder, thumbs folder, svcore folder, index.html, and gallery.xml in it, so I'm not sure what's wrong.

Thanks, updating to the newest version fixed the problem.

Hey, I'm back with the same problem, sorry for never responding back but had to put this issue aside. I'm not 100% sure which version I have, I purchased it back around November 2010 when I made the first post, maybe you can tell based on the code. Here's a link to the problem ( where you can see that I've added test text both above and below the viewer. The text above the viewer causes the bottom half of the thumbnails to be bumped down off screen along with the text under the viewer code. My screen resolution is set to 1680x1050, but the page doesn't even have the option to scroll down to see what's being cut off.

I want to make a page with a navigation menu at the top with a SimpleViewer gallery in the middle. I would love to just be able to insert a SV gallery into a Wordpress page/post, but I want the SV gallery to be able to scale larger than the 960px width of my Wordpress page. I Made another post in the WP forum here: … p?id=11610.

Since I'm not sure if that can be done, I've been trying to just add a navigation menu in a table to the index.html file. When I add the table above where the SV script starts and below where the body starts, the SV gallery is bumped down so that the SV navigation images cannot be seen. When you click and drag to resize the window you can see the tops of the navigation images under the main big image, but once you stop dragging the window the page sets and doesn't allow you to scroll down and see the SV navigation thumbnails.

I just got SimpleViewer Pro to use in addition to Wordpress by linking Wordpress to a SV page by itself on my server.  The reason I'm doing this is because I want SV to be able to change the sizes of images in real time when people click and drag to change their browser window size. Can that be done with the Wordpress SV or is it only when SV is within it's own HTML index file?

Ah, ok, perfect! Thanks!

Is there any way that both can be turned on so it displays the gallery normal online and optimized for iphones/ipads? Or would I have to make two gallerys with two different URLs to get it to work like this?

I just purchased a pro version and everything is working great, except when I turn off the "Use Flash" option the gallery's style completely changes from the options I select in svBuilder-Pro. The thumbnails on the bottom disappear and are replaced with the caption bar (which I have turned off). The main images are also enlarged to where they take up the whole screen when I just want them to display at a normal size and be able to resize in real time when people click and drag the window size. I need this to look the same as it does with Flash turned on and how it looks in svBuilder-Pro on my website. I need to use the gallery to send out to multiple clients by the end of the day, so any quick help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I just took over a site that uses an old version SimpleViewer in HTML where the SV code was pasted in the body of the HTML and the images were taken from folders uploaded to the FTP. We're looking to upgrade the site to Wordpress and I was wondering if there's a better and easier way to use SimpleViewer now. We want to have SimpleViewer in it's own window, fullscreen, and with images that scale in real-time when people drag the window to different sizes all in HTML5. Will we still have to make HTML pages? Or is there a new and easier way to do this using Wordpress without having to create a separate HTML page or embeding wordpress into a Wordpress page with defined proportions? I know that you can make a gallery go into fullscreen when it's within a Wordpress page, but we want to eliminate the smaller embeded version and just have a link to the fullscreen version.