Thanks for the tips Steven. 

It was my error.  I tried deleting the files from the server and hit refresh on the browser and the gallery was still showing. I knew something was up.  Prior to going live with the site, I had the website on a different host.  When I moved the site over to the new host, I forgot to update the iframe URL to the gallery files.  OOPS! 

Thanks for the troubleshooting tip to help me figure out what was going on.  I was racking my brain trying to figure out why it wasn't changing on the server. 

During this process, I found out that when making changes, it is best to create a new gallery instead of trying to delete items from an existing gallery.   That way the XML file does not have an opportunity to still include the images I am trying to delete.

I created a gallery and uploaded them to the website.  Now I want to remove a few of those photos but cannot figure out why they are not being removed on the website.

First I tried to open the existing gallery that I had created, clicking the "X" by each photo I wanted removed, then resaved the gallery and uploaded those files to the server.

I also tried creating a New gallery, selecting the Preset for that site, adding the new photos and saving it and uploading it to the server.

In both examples above, I first removed all of the simpleviewer files from the server before uploading.

I also deleted my cache files on my browser to see if that was the issue and it is not.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

For now, I have removed the html and body 100% height style.

Here are screenshots of what it is doing when I add that in both Firefox and IE.

I had to refresh a few times to get it working.  By "fixing" that, it now is causing the bottom of the page to separate.

If I remove container 100%, it fixes the problem on my pages but the SimpleViewer gets cut off.

If I leave the container to 100% and delete the html 100%, it fixes the page problem but the SimpleViewer is cut off.

By adding the code below to my stylesheet, it prevents the container div from expanding downward and messes up every one of my pages.  Example,

body, html {
  height: 100%;

Ok, I have set the body, html, container and maincontent to 100% height and it still isnt' working in Firefox.  What gives?

Ah, I missed that.  Will do, thx.

I just added a 100 % height to the container div but it still did not resolve the problem.

Link to page - … jects.html

Link to Style Sheet -

So even parent div's need a specified height of 100%.  Gotcha.  I'll check that out tonight when I get home.  Thanks.

Any other suggestions?

Here is my code for the SimpleViewer so I guess it already is set with a height.  I tried changing from 700px to 100% and it did not resolve it either.  Any other suggestions?

<script type="text/javascript" src="svcore/js/simpleviewer.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
SV.simpleviewer.load("sv-container", "100%", "700px", "ECECEC", true);
<div id="sv-container"></div>

Do I need to add CSS for div id="sv-container" and set it to 100% height?

I changed the maincontent div to 100% height but it still did not resolve the problem.

Thanks Steven.  That describes exactly what I'm experiencing.  I'll try setting my maincontent div to 100% height tonight when I get home.  Thx!  I'll let you know how it turns out.

For some reason, it works in IE, but in Firefox and Opera, the entire gallery is cropped.

I was able to successfully add a photo gallery using Simple Viewer to this page … jects.html

I Upgraded to Simple Viewer Pro and created another photo gallery.

The Simple Viewer Pro's index.html page looks fine but when I embed it into my page, it isn't working properly.

Index.html Page - … index.html

Embed Page Not Working - … jects.html

Any ideas what is going on?


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Thanks Steven.   I had it the way you suggested earlier but it was not working so I added the ../ to see if that would resolve the path but it did not.

I was receiving an error in Dreamweaver and by clicking No to All prevented the supporting files from being uploaded properly.  I have resolved the issue now.  Thanks


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The photo gallery working properly, I just cannot get it to embed into the other page. … index.html


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I created the gallery, saved it inside a folder called portfolio and uploaded the portfolio folder to the server.  I moved my html page into the portfolio folder and embedded the code but nothing is showing on the page.

Here is the page I'm working on … jects.html

What am I missing?