Mike Richards wrote:

as with most companies you are required to come to the site and periodically check yourself. Please use your original email to download updates, once you have used your 5 downloads you can use this form to request more.

Most companies send an email, or have their software periodically check for updates & notify you so you can download the latest. Asking people to come to your site is a bit presumptious & is not modern (compare your approach to Adobe for example).

Twitter is marginally better - particularly if you're a Twitter user - if not, you'll still polling a site. RSS is ok if you use it.

Everyone uses email, and everyone uses the software - so polling or emailing is a courteous way to inform users. As a suggestion, update the gallery-building AIR application to periodically check for updates, or place updates/news in a dismissable window.

Renewing a downloadable situation is weird also.

I think SV could do better considering they've done well so far to attract a good audience.

When new versions are released - is there an automatic email sent to license holders? I stumbled across a topic here which referred to 2.1.1 being released, but apparently no notification. Also the suggestion to redownload using the original sales link to get the new version could be problematic since the original sales mail says "Please note, the download link will expire after 5 attempts".

I think it's better to have a process where an update/bugfix notification mail is sent out, and the license holder can come to a page to login & get the latest version.




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Never mind, I answered my own question - clicking update works.. I had a permissions problem. If you find the same problem (not updating as it should - check your folder/file permissions).


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After resizing thumbs according to this http://www.simpleviewer.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=8755
to recreate the thumbnails for existing galleries, what should I do?

I've read clicking on 'update' in any of the image-related gallery functions within svManager admin is supposed to do it, but it fails. Is this the right method? I tried clicking on rebuild, and it also fails to rebuild the thumbs.