Steven Speirs wrote:

The installation file for svBuilder can be found inside the standard SimpleViewer download package (downloadable from this page:
Once unzipped, the file is located at 'simpleviewer_211/svBuilder.air'.
Double click the file to install.

Likewise, svBuilder-Pro can be found inside the SimpleViewer Pro download package (downloadable from the link sent to you in your purchase email).

thank you for your help:)

this time I've got a problem with installing svBuilder. I've installed the newest version of Adobe AIR, but the link to svBuilder.air is inactive:( I've checked on Firefox and IE. I've tried here: … svbuilder/

Is there any other way to get this installation file (svBuilder.air) ?

Problem solved:)

It was caused by settings of hotlink protection on the server.

Thx for help.

Unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem:(
There's still the problem, even with changed path: (without "&" sign)

I've got a problem with my gallery: … assic.html

On Firefox everything is ok, but on Internet Exporer, Chrome and Opera, pictures aren't loaded. Do you have any idea, what is wrong?