Ah ha! Thank you! The <iframe> embed worked perfectly! Thanks again!

Hello Steven,

I have just uploaded the page I'm working on here. http://caelenweber.com/sitetest/index-t … eshow.html

I look forward to seeing what you can spot or find out. Thanks again for your help!

Caelen W

Hello, and thank you for your reply.

I tried pasting that code right where you said, but it still makes the jSocial not show. Any other thoughts?

Thanks again!

Hello guys,

I have a question about embedding a SV gallery, created in svBuilder-Pro, into an HTML page that also has the jSocial widget, which provides links to follow Twitter, FB, etc etc, from Adobe's widget browser embedded in the footer.

When I embed the slideshow the jSocial widget disappears from the footer. The code is all still there, but something must be clashing, and I've been searching but just can't find what is making the problem. It's probably something easy, but I just can't spot it!

Any help would be most appreciated!