at first please excuse my English, it's not my first language.
Here's my problem:
The pictures in my gallery (made with Simple Viewer 2.10) are looking like, that they have a very low
JPEG-Quality. It's very conspicuous on colour areas with very low contrast. There are some "pixeld" areas.
Please look at the sweatshirt of the person on the left side in the the first picture.
If you download this picture or open it in a new window, the quality is as good as I made it with Photoshop.
With Simple Viewer 1.9 this problem doesn't occure.
Here's the link for the gallery:

http://www.kitesandmore.eu/04/img/04_04 … index.html

Here's the link for the first photo:

http://www.kitesandmore.eu/04/img/04_04 … %20001.jpg

Maybe someone has a solution for my problem!
Thanks alot for your effort.

Greetings from Cologne