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When I visit my gallery on iPhone, it seems that all my thumbnails display in one block, rather than the groups of six in the flash version (and in Simpleviewer's own examples on mobile)... It looks weird, and I'm wondering if there's a way to change that.

Also, the text for the gallery title is HUGE. Is there a way to manipulate that?

URL: http://davidjamieson.net/David_Jamieson … images.php


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Thanks. That did the trick  :)


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OK, this has been touched on in other threads, but not in depth and none of the previous solutions are working for me.

I've got a simple website with gallery working in FF, Safari, Chrome on Mac and Windows. But no dice in IE. Just empty space where the gallery should be. You can see a stripped down version here: http://davidjamieson.net/pages/images/images.php
(The images are left out intentionally because I don't want them online until the site's ready to go live).

Anybody have any clue what the issue is here? Why won't IE load the gallery?