sorry, when I look again it seems to be working fine, thank you!!

Mike Richards wrote:

Your code validates and your site looks fine in IE8 and IE9. It looks like there may be something in your CSS that IE6 and IE7 don't like, but nothing is jumping out at me at the moment.

I really hope someone else can help me then and if not, any suggestion? should I use a newer version of simpleviewer to embed in the html?

first of all: thanks for the beautiful way simpleviewer shows pictures and providing this free tool!

I used simpleviewer a couple of times before but when I try to make a gallery inside a html page it work nice in some browsers but not in IE6 and IE7, so I made a mistake somewhere. Could you please give me some advise?
Here is the url (logo needs to be replaced): … rtoys.html

I use simpleviewer 1.9 because it came with dreamweaver