Thank you.   FYI, I just tested my own page on mobile Safari on my iPod Touch 4th G, and the link works OK.   On my Android 2.2 browser, it shows the link being clicked, but doesn't do anything with the link.

Steven,  Thanks for letting me know.   So there is no work-around for it right now?   I haven't played around with the admin extensively, is there any way to get the caption info below the image to make it out of the navigation realm of the image?

Also, since I am here, is there a way to customize the navigation icon text hover, besides "Go Fullscreen" or "Open Image in New Window"?  if we want to use a different URL than the image itself in the XML, it would be nice to change that that text and or change the Go Fullscreen to be better explained for our users.   Let me know if not so I can post to the new features requests thread.

thanks, Mark

When I enter an HTML link into the CDATA part of the caption, it works fine with Firefox and IE, but not in Webkit browsers.  The caption is an overlay at the bottom.   Webkit browser ignores the link and uses the previous image command and goes back an image if there is a back, but won't open the link.

My example is here:, please test with Chrome and or Safari and let me know what you suggest.

this is the start of the XML

    firstImageIndex = "0"

  <image imageURL="1.jpg"
    <caption><![CDATA[Title of Photo<br>Person who took the photo<br>Location of Photo<br><a href='vote.html'>Click me to 'Vote for This Photo'</a>]]></caption>

Thank you Steven and Mike.    Is there any way to roll back to the older version to get mobile transitions?   We use a browser detection script for videos to show a particular type to BlackBerry clients already, wondering if I could do the same with this and use a different xml file and Javascript embed code to use the older player for those clients. (I can't get the sliders to show on the BB in large image mode).

in BlackBerry browser ( OS 5, the 8530 and 9700), there are hot spots to click on the thumbnail views to change pages, but when you click on an image to get larger version, there is no right or left arrow to move the slides, you just seem to get stuck.   Since the auto play doesn't seem to work in this mobile mode and these BBs don't have a touch screen like the Torch does to sweep (as does iPhone and Android), having the screen stuck on an image with no way to transition is not good.

Any known thoughts about working with non-touch BlackBerry browsers and this tool?

Is that only for the Flash version?   When I look at the example 'without' thumbnails, … /minimal/, on my iPod touch, I only see thumbnails on load and have to click the images individually.

When I do this, there is also no animation to play the slideshow, they only move on touch.    Is that true for the non-Flash version there is no transitions to the show but require touch movement?

thanks, Mark

Trying to figure out how to get a gallery with NO THUMBS at all.   The example on the side uses a Flickr stream, so that doesn't really help me for using a local xml file and images.   

What settings should I be using to completely hide and not create thumbs for the images using that 'preset' when I save all these settings?

thanks, Mark