Steven Speirs wrote:

There are 4 sample galleries on this page:
Scroll down to 'SimpleViewer-Pro Demos' for the Forest, Macro, Minimal and Colors demos.
You can also download embed examples from the 'Download all embed examples' link on this page: … l#multiple

Thanks so much! There was one example which I spent a while looking for an answer to  (the ability to add footer and header).

Hi, I just bought the PRO version and would really like to get a sense of possibilities of SimpleViewer so I was wondering if you have a gallery somewhere, could you post a link here so we can all see variations.

I am hoping to see examples of it being used that's beyond the 4 samples shown on SimpleViewer Pro page. It would be great to see something that's different than what's already been done. Looking more for unique ideas or designs.

Please post your links below in this thread or you can post it in this gallery page. … gory_id=50