My website (  has always runned smoothly, but now i cant seem to get any of the picture galeries to load

Its not the problem re: FAQ No.1

Just wondered if anyone has had any of the same problem??


although now, i'm having problems uploading NEW galleries to my website now..

i guess im still using version 1.7

do i have to upgrade to 1.7.1 to carry on uploading NEW galleries to my site??

cheers buddy..

i think i've done it now!


I'm running what looks like simpleviewer 1.7

I designed & set up my website in Feb 06

The galleries were working fine & now although you can still see them you cant flick/scroll between picture

Ive seen the page on the simpleviewr website about the activesync problem thingie, followed the instructions...but its still the same

Im using Microsoft Frontpage to design the site

The link is

the galleries can be found in the "holidays" or "events" sections