Thanks for your support, if you want to see the result it's on the next url.
Since the Google map image is cut, it's better to see the gallery in full screen mode


Thanks again,



I have a new question.
In fact the image included in caption is about 250px/250px.
The thumbs and captions are displayed on the left of the photo.
But if I would like to have 3 rows of tumbs, then the image in the caption is cut on bottom side.

Is it possible to define the maximum size of the caption section, then simpleviewer will define the size of all sections to fit on the screen  ?
Or to have the thumbs on the top/left corner and not near the midle ? If I set only 2 rows, the image in caption is still cut since the thumbs start in the middle of the screen.
I guess all this are possible in Pro version , but what about the free version ?

Thanks in advance !


Thanks it works !
I tested in local, not on the server, that's why it did not work...

If other users have gallery with Google Map integration, I'm really interested to see the result.
Thanks in advance


Mainly of my photos have their GPS positions in EXIF. I would like to add a  Google map image in caption to show where the photo was taken.
It seems that <img> is only supported in Pro version, but before to purchase this version I would like to know if it's possible in free version or to be sure it will work on pro version.
In fact the xml will look like:

<image imageURL="images/wide.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/wide.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="" >
    <caption><img src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/staticmap?center=45.4736,5.973&zoom=14&size=256x256&maptype=roadmap&markers=color:blue|label:S|45.4736,5.973&sensor=false"  /></caption>   

Any possibility to do that in free version ? Does it work in pro version ?

I have my own perl script to generate xml files and to extract GPS data from EXIF.
For the first version, this is a static map, because this is easy, but probably in the future I would like to do with a dynamic map, it will be  done with javascript.
Do you have exemples of this kind of integration (simpleviewer + Google Map) ?
Thanks in advance for your help