Thanks Mike - sounds like I don't want to go back to 2.1.1 - any way you know of to workaround ?

Is this a v2.1.2 issue ? If so, any downside of going back to 2.1.1, and when is 2.1.3 coming?

Thanks so much,


First off, the plugin is absolutely fantastic. Thankyou!

Secondly - I've been putting together a website using iWeb, SimpleViewer (w/ baseURL embed which works much better than iFrame), a little hand-editing and referencing remote flickr images. It all works really well.

The only slight gotcha is that I've been trying to ensure that it holds together on iOS devices - the iPad version is great, but on the iPhone the simpleViewer galleries get cropped so they lose their entire bottom half, and the gallery also intrudes into the footer of the page. Again, this is iPhone only, the issue does not occur on the iPad or on any of the desktop browsers I've checked. I wonder if you might be able to offer some help ? (

A slight other problem is that the button on the iOS version to go back to the thumbnails actually opens the gallery page itself rather than opening the gallery within the page in which it is embedded.

Many thanks,