Sorry to bug you. Fixed it by recopying the svcore via FTP again. One of the swf files didn't copy overwrite the existing, so I deleted the whole folder then copied in the new one. Thanks.

One more thing. when I went to grab the URL the gallery now does not look like at all what i had setup initially. I went into "edit galleries" and the pro options and settings are what I had set originally. Thanks.

Thanks for responding the URL is I replaced the svcore folder this morning before posting to support forum. I upgraded the plugin a week or so ago.

Hello, I have had Simple Viewer Pro installed using the WP plugin for a while and after upgrading the plugin recently, a gray simple viewer text box/link now appears in the gallery. I downloaded version 2.1.2 from your site and replaced the svcore folder via FTP and am still seeing the link.

I cleared my browser's cache a few times as well. I have the images hosted locally versus Flickr and also moved a few around, saved the gallery and updated the WordPress page to try and rebuild the gallery. Any help is appreciated.