I'm a big fan of SimpleViewer-Pro, great work guys!

I'm currently using SVP to display pottery images, and a hierarchical gallery would be the bees knees. Of course, I can accomplish that now by making the link on any image be the link to a new page that shows the sub-gallery, and have the back link take you back to the page you started on.

However, there are small issues with this, which are the real crux of my feature requests/wishlist:

1. With the mode set so that clicking an image opens a link, it does so for every image. I got around this by setting the target to _self and the linkUrl to # for images that I don't want to do anything with. However that makes the mouse turn into a hand cursor on all images, even if clicking them would do nothing visually. So the ability to "block" that, so that for images where you don't want anything to happen the cursor doesn't change and it doesn't respond to a click would be cool.

2. I'd like to visually distinguish images that you can click on so that when they're viewed a watermark appears. Currently the Watermark option is global to all images. It would be great if it were possible to specify image specific watermarks of some sort (including custom links) so that images that are important could have such a watermark that would jump to the correct gallery, removing the need for #1 somewhat. Or in lieu, being able to suppress the display of the watermark on some images so that it only appears on items with "more images like this", which would allow me to use the API to cause the link to jump to the correct gallery without needing a custom URL.

The work-around to #2 is to modify the image manually to have such a watermark, however in that case I need to keep an extra copy of the photo around if I don't want it to be a link anymore, which isn't terrible but it somewhat of a drag.

In all #1 is more of an issue for me (such as it is) just due to the mouse cursor making it appear that the image can be clicked when it actually cannot be (or rather, without it having a visual effect other than changing the URL in the address bar).

However, the ability to selectively apply differing watermarks on some images that would function as a sub-gallery link would be even cooler, as then it would be possible to keep the image mode so that the navigation buttons can display on them.