My web developer can't do it, and you cant do it?
How come I can do it?
Now i opened Flash 8 for the third time, to solve the problem, and it took me 5 minutes to fix.
I simply imported the background image and put it in a fourth layer behind the loader.

Problem solved!  :D

I'm talking about a background IMAGE, not a background colour.

How do i ad a background image to the loader, instead of the dark grey
#181818 colour?

I'm a total newbie to Flash.  :lol:
I've been able to make a background image for the gallery,
but how do I make a background image for the loader?
It looks stupid with a default background colour.

I couldn't find any topic on how to link to a high res download?
Stupid me!  :?
Is there any way, to put high res images in a seperate folder
and open them when you right click on the preview, and open in
a new window, og do you have to customize the caption field,
and add the download feature there?

Please help!